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What web3 means to me

How I see web3.

As the great connector across time and space.

Blockchains deliver culture, not just transactions.

We already have web2 networks to do transactions.

Culture is the differentiator in web3.

And your story can be attached to it.

How can your story shape this future?

Where do you fit in?

How do you want your story to fit in?

How can your lived experiences provide solutions that are a benefit to others?

How can this vision inspire your audience, community, content, products, and brand?

What metaphors come to your mind?

What emotions does it elicit for you?

These are important questions for a web3 built with you in mind.

So how can you do that?

To help spark your creative juices, here’s how blockchain company Polkadot sees its role in web3. I caught this interview on YouTube last year.

“So a lot of people…could be unaware of Polkadot because the biggest criticism of Polkadot has been its lack of marketing. This lack of marketing is really by design. It is software built for engineers, not an investment mechanism for resale. I say that over and over again. The aim of Polkadot was not to create any sort of alternative currency or method of payment. It was also not to be a smart contract network. Really, it’s just built to be highly secure, vertical agnostic, use-case agnostic coordinating software. It operates one layer below all other networks, like Ethereum or Bitcoin. And one analogy that we often use is the New York City subway. So think of the underlying value that the subway provides, which is completely detached from the value of all the points of interest at the various subway stops along the way. So, the stops along the way, are analogous to all other layer-one blockchains like Ethereum Bitcoin”

You as the great connector.

After watching that interview and being inspired by the subway metaphor, I sketched out the state of web3 today.

What web3 looks like today.

And this is what web3 could look like tomorrow, shaped through your story:

What web3 could look like tomorrow.

When you stop “learning about web3” and instead see yourself as “shaping web3”, everything changes.

Suddenly, you are the great connector.

The one who inspires others to dream and build.

Besides, who wants to ride in a subway bereft of joy?

The subway is where life happens.

Culture, heritage, story, music, art, design, human connection, it’s all found in subways.

Are you starting to see how big of a deal this is once you let your mind wander and imagine the possibilities?

Hold that thought.

Because here’s what comes next:

What happens when people are enjoying themselves in your subway?

When they are inspired by their surroundings?

When they sense you are helping them connect and understand the world around them in new and innovative ways?

They start buying things.

Because they feel empowered to be part of it.

It’s simple.

When people feel excited about something they have experienced, they tell other people.

Which breeds trust.

Which breeds adoption.

And your story can help do that.

To explore this more, I would like to start the conversation by running a Linkedin Audio event on Wednesday, Jan 31 and hearing what you have to say.

How can you start? What is step 1?

Bring your questions.

Or, just come to the room and listen in on the conversation.

To help me prepare, it would help to understand your most burning questions prior to the event.

Respond to this email before Jan 31 with any questions on the topic you’d like me to explore in the LinkedIn Audio event.

Thanks for being part of this,

The future is being built, but it needs your story to help shape it.


“Corrales is my “behavior side of web3″ guru. Because his background is so different from mine, everything he posts makes me think a notch deeper. He’s a strong supporter of the creator community, and an advocate of things done right, for the right reasons. He demands sense of purpose from the web3 community, and is also helping to create it.” -Maurício Magaldi , Head of Product at Midnight

“I want to thank Corrales for always reminding me to stay true to my purpose and mission.” Marie Roker-Jones , Curious Culture

“Corrales is definitely one of the most intelligent thinkers around Storytelling, and I look forward to even more conversations, and future collaborations.” Coen (陈坚明) Tan , Global Speaker, Speech Coach, Facilitator, Podcast Host

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