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The Lupe Fiasco x Google collab is a watershed moment for culture, art, and AI finding resonance.

Yes, the video points out he did the song in under two hours, but the real focus is his creative process.

From my own observations, AI can actually make people less productive, so what I like about the Lupe Fiasco video is that it shows productivity should not necessarily be the focus with AI — creativity and discovery should be.

Too often, people in business think that achieving productivity and time optimizations are the holy grail of value, but I don’t believe AI’s main value prop is about that.

Sure, productivity is one outcome, but over time, it seems to me a whole lotta people will become disappointed in the “productivity” part of AI, as productivity itself becomes a commodity given all current AI solutions focus on making you more productive.

Two big ahas after watching the video.

1) What’s the root of productivity?


People say they are more productive with AI because the tech is giving them an assist with creativity. The Lupe Fiasco video clearly shows him being delighted that his creativity is skyrocketing as the session wears on.

2) What people say vs what they feel.

It’s important to understand what people FEEL (creative) versus what they say (productive) when using AI.

Why is that important?

Because the true value of AI in society will be judged by the feels, not by the logic people use to express their feels.

Also, people buy on feels, and justify it later with logic, so there’s that.

Corrales Cachola

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