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Opening the Brand New Voices Campus

Today, I’m proud to announce the Brand New Voices Online Campus.

It’s not just a community, it’s an ecosystem built on learning.

It’s a place to understand the importance of your story and why it matters so much in the era of AI and web3.

It’s a place to find meaningful product-market fit through your story.

What does it mean to augment the tech with our stories?

What does decentralization really mean?

What is true value?

And how is the future of everything influenced by our stories?


The software of tomorrow will do more than help us complete tasks.

The software of tomorrow will power the Human OS.

It will include our ancient, esoteric human code libraries such as:

  • storytelling
  • diversity
  • culture
  • art
  • heritage
  • emotion
  • values

In essence, we are becoming one with the machine. And if we are to guide this technology, we must become one with it.

This is the lens through which I’ve always viewed web3 and its parts — blockchain, crypto, NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi.

And it’s the lens I now view AI.

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Take the newly introduced GPTs, for instance.

What are they exactly?

I contend they are much more than apps for an app store, even if they fulfill this utility on the surface.

We’ve never had apps that you can interact with in ways that AI allows.

And that makes all the difference. Especially when it comes to telling YOUR story with it.

In this rare video of Steve Jobs in 1985 giving a speech in Sweden, he brilliantly predicts where we find ourselves with AI today, and what is possible.

video preview

Jobs touches on the idea of computers as a source of “free intellectual energy,” capable of saving time and providing new experiences. He envisions a future where computers become more than just tools; they could be interactive platforms enabling users to engage with historical figures like Aristotle, asking questions and gaining insights beyond what’s written.

Beneath the surface, something big is happening.

Something is brewing.

The human-machine is being built.

We are supplying the machine with our data as we speak and have a chance to guide it.

Not just in an abstract way, but in a specific way.

Through your story.

And that’s worth exploring.

The most interesting GPTs (and other AI applications) will be integrated into the full range of the human experience; assigned their greatest value through communities and ecosystems.

In practical terms, it means, per a recent article in the Harvard Business Review:

“AI-enhanced productivity tools alone will not give you a competitive edge — just as provisioning smartphones, email, or web access to your team is nothing more strategic than providing electricity or running water. AI shouldn’t just change how you do things, it has to inspire you to change what you do.”

The secret to this success is found in communities.

“Community: Enable Your Explorers,” the HBR article goes on to say. AI Chip maker NVIDIA is cited as an example of effectively leveraging community efforts:

“To encourage adoption and sharing of knowledge, NVIDIA nurtured a community of users who were enthusiastic to explore the potential of generative AI tools. They established a weekly meeting, provided common templates and useful prompts, and kept their top leadership in the loop. Soon, as these internal pilots coalesced around a canonical platform, NVIDIA realized that these disparate tools were genuinely becoming an emergent cultural operating system; new ways of working rather than a series of mere experiments.”

As you can see, community is critical to the future of AI and our role in shaping it.

Speaking of community, let’s not forget web3.

In the same way that AI will be integrated with the human experience, so too will web3.

Crypto and blockchain aren’t just new ways of transacting, they are carriers of story, culture, heritage, and the human spirit.

We see this in how art and human expression are represented by NFTs and recorded on the blockchain. When the artistic ownership layer interacts with a new form of digital money, powerful forces are at work.

Some for the better, some for the worse…

But it underscores the need to get involved now and align your story with the technology to guide its direction.

Because if you don’t, someone else will.

web3 tech is meant to empower people, but it remains a mystery how people are supposed to influence the tech.

These are the issues we aim to explore on the Brand New Voices Campus.

Débora Carrizo, a software engineer and CEO of the technology company Sein, from Argentina, has a saying: “We create what we believe in.”

I was fortunate to catch her speech on a livestream a few months ago for Women of Web3 at the United Nations Science Summit.

What she said blew me away:

“This technology [web3] was designed with this purpose…to give rights and the ownership to us, to people. So, we are the ones that have the power to create solutions, to impact whatever we want. So who’s gonna fix something? The one that has the knowledge, the one that is living that issue…” –Débora Carrizo, CEO of Sein

Watch her speech in the video below, it’s powerful:

Indeed, we are meant to shape the tech through our lived experiences, stories, and communities.

I have created the Brand New Voices Campus to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for new voices to be heard.

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Because AI and web3 should be about your story.

This will be a place where your story shapes technology and builds community products/services to create a more meaningful tomorrow.

People can bring their unique stories and lived experiences to the table and learn how to attach them to products and services.

The mission is to deploy our most powerful data — our stories — to better serve our businesses and daily lives while inspiring others to do the same.

We will explore what it means to layer technologies like AI and web3 onto our human code to arrive at product and service solutions backed by humanity.

“When you walk in purpose, you collide with destiny.” -Ralph Buchanan

The main campus will be hosted on the Skool community learning platform.

Events will include FREE weekly or bi-monthly group Zoom calls for…

  • workshops
  • office hours
  • co-working sessions
  • cohort-led projects
  • AMAs
  • and more

These events will focus on guiding our collective future through storytelling, marketing, and community-building efforts.

Campus events will be coordinated through an email newsletter.

Online courses and frameworks will be added over time. These may include:

  • Community Revolution
  • Conversation Roadmap (Mission, Vision, Values alignment)
  • Human Marketing
  • Founder Storytelling


  • Networking
  • Ideating
  • Accountability
  • Free learning

In addition, there will be an AI Storytellers Lab.

This is an experimental place for GPT creators who want to explore a new era of AI-enhanced storytelling.

If you are a founder, creator, or curious explorer, and want to tell your story using the new GPTs, then you can unleash your creation into the community for feedback.

The community will assist you in crafting, refining, and amplifying your story, connecting it to your business, social media strategy, products, or whatever you’d like.

Whatever we can’t figure out we’ll see if people in other communities can help us.

The future is here, but it needs your story to shape it.

Thank you for your time.

For any questions so far, just hit reply to this email and I’ll get back to you. -Corrales

​👉 Fill out the application form for the Brand New Voices Campus (Cohort #1)​

“Learning is by nature, curiosity.” ―Plato


“Corrales is my “behavior side of web3″ guru. Because his background is so different from mine, everything he posts makes me think a notch deeper. He’s a strong supporter of the creator community, and an advocate of things done right, for the right reasons. He demands sense of purpose from the web3 community, and is also helping to create it.” -Maurício Magaldi , Head of Product at Midnight

“I want to thank Corrales for always reminding me to stay true to my purpose and mission.” Marie Roker-Jones , Curious Culture

“Corrales is definitely one of the most intelligent thinkers around Storytelling, and I look forward to even more conversations, and future collaborations.” Coen (陈坚明) Tan , Global Speaker, Speech Coach, Facilitator, Podcast Host

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