What web3 means to me

How I see web3.
As the great connector across time and space.​Blockchains deliver culture, not just transactions.​We already have web2 networks to do transactions.​Culture is the differentiator in web3.​And your story can be attached to it.​How can your story shape this future?​Where do you fit in?​How do you want your story to fit in?​How can your lived experiences provide solutions that are a benefit to others?​How can this vision inspire your audience, community, content, products, and…

Opening the Brand New Voices Campus

Today, I’m proud to announce the Brand New Voices Online Campus.
It’s not just a community, it’s an ecosystem built on learning.
It’s a place to understand the importance of your story and why it matters so much in the era of AI and web3.
It’s a place to find meaningful product-market fit through your story.
What does it mean to augment the tech with our stories?
What does decentralization really mean?
What is true value?
And how is the future of everything influenced by our…

The problem with community

The problem with community
The problem with digital communities today (in web2 and web3) is that the organizers think its members are “superfans”, so they see no reason why members shouldn’t be used to pump products for the brand.
Everyone wins if the product catches fire in the marketplace is the logic.
But what happens if the product doesn’t catch fire?
What happens if things don’t so swimmingly?
What happens if the founders are accused of stealing money from the till at some point?
In all…

Community Revolutions from big brands

Community Revolutions from big brands
Last week, I introduced the Community Revolution framework in Part 1 of this series.
For a refresher, it looks like this:
The Revolution (30,000-foot view) Example: Climate​​
The Movement: (15,000-foot view) Categories inside of the 30,000-ft view. Example: Sustainability​​
The Activities: (500-ft view) Specific activities in which people are “monetizing” pieces of the Revolution in order to contribute to the greater whole. (for big brands it means their…

Start a Revolution, Not a Brand – Part 1

Start a Revolution, Not a Brand – Part 1
By building communities around what’s important.
Orb” by Kerry Shaw​
We live in a time of great uncertainty and conflict in the world. So it’s never been a better time to build a community. But not just any community. One with meaning and a deeper sense of purpose. One that’s connected to bigger objectives in the world.
That’s where this story begins.
Have you ever wanted to start a revolution?
You’re in luck because I’m going to show you how to start…