Don’t create content. Create content that invites people in.

Create content that allows people to make their own decisions. Content that empowers. Content that gives people something to believe in. Something to fight for. Something to be pissed off about. Something that brings people together. You can only do this through storytelling. With storytelling, you don’t need to tell people how to navigate crypto […]

Fall in love with your mission, vision, values, and purpose.

If you’ve fallen out of love, find a way back. If you don’t know what love is, today is the day. If you’ve grown bitter with your decision over time, workshop that stuff. If you’ve been hurt before, you’re human. If the idea of core brand commitments scares you, stay the course. Have faith in the process, close your eyes, […]

Who will document the story of us?

Who will be our historian? Not just our projects and their outcomes. Rather, the story of a single tear forged from the unbreakable bonds of shared joy and pain. Between a once-unknown artist and a new collector. Will we remember the brand new voices of today in our quest to build tomorrow? Will we know […]

MLK, web3, and what it really means to build bridges

Most people think of Martin Luther King, Jr. as a man of peace. A bridge builder. A dreamer. A community organizer. A steady leader. A master diplomat. But let’s be clear about what it means to become those things. It means kicking ass and taking names. MLK was a radical. A firestarter. And he was angry AF. You don’t […]

Teaching web3 through a lens of humanity.

Brand New Voices exists to serve people, projects and communities in web3 who are helping build the human blockchain. We do this by helping participants grow their causes in finding support through interconnected communities. We aim to provide marketing and educational support web3 creators grow. As the human blockchain takes on more node operators we […]