Mapping humanity to technology.

New ideas rooted in ancient soil.


Helping the new voices of web3, AI, and the metaverse tell their stories, build visionary brand communities, meaningful products, and interconnected ecosystems capable of denting the universe.


Redefining value for a future built on human economics.


Through a lens of diversity, equity, stories, and lived experiences.


Founders, technologists, creators, artists, communities, and visionary leaders.


Human Marketing: the delivery vehicle for your why.

Unlock the power of your unique stories, culture, and heritage through education, frameworks, storytelling, and implementation.


For the new era of the web built not on digital divides, but on our digital interconnectedness of lived experiences, culture, heritage, and humanity.

Tired: marketing

Wired: marketing while making an impact

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  • Learn how to infuse deep meaning into your products.
  • “Meet you where you’re at” storytelling and marketing tips to grow and scale your brand while staying human (and sane!).
  • Introduction to the revolutionary new Human Marketing system by Brand New Voices.
  • Global trends in the exciting new world of web3, AI, and the metaverse to help you see around corners.
  • See things from a 30,000 foot view and use that to understand how you can create value at the 500 foot view for your audience and customers.

Corrales Cachola

Founder of Brand New Voices — an exploration community for emerging opportunities in NFTs and communities. I help you strategize on web3 solutions for marketing, community, diversity, and social impact. Also, Marketing for Community Banks. Journalist trained. 👋🏽 Outspoken DEI Advocate. Clients have included: Nike, Intel, Barret School of Banking, World Health Organization, and Special Olympics International