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Teaching web3 through a lens of humanity.

Brand New Voices exists to serve people, projects and communities in web3 who are helping build the human blockchain. We do this by helping participants grow their causes in finding support through interconnected communities. We aim to provide marketing and educational support web3 creators grow. As the human blockchain takes on more node operators we will be able to help one another through this network.

Ideas currently being developed with ecosystem partners:

Social impact – partnering with projects that demonstrate the power of web3 to make the world a better place through hackathons.

Education – Teaching web3 through a lens of humanity. Focus on diversity, art, culture, storytelling, music, and fashion.

Community learning frameworks

Human Marketing – will be building out this concept.

Career and project matching — with web3 companies that exude the qualities of the human blockchain. Stoked about this!

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Corrales Cachola

Founder of Brand New Voices — an exploration community for emerging opportunities in NFTs and communities. I help you strategize on web3 solutions for marketing, community, diversity, and social impact. Also, Marketing for Community Banks. Journalist trained. 👋🏽 Outspoken DEI Advocate. Clients have included: Nike, Intel, Barret School of Banking, World Health Organization, and Special Olympics International

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